too many photos

I’m sitting here searching through 4000 photos from the past 4 years.

That averages 1000 photos a year.
Is that crazy or normal?
I think it might be crazy and I can’t imagine how many got deleted through the years.
That’s the great thing about digital you can take 1500 photos on a vacation and narrow it down to 500.
And I’m not exaggerating thats what we did after our California road trip.
It was 10 days, lots stops along the coast and to many photo opportunities.
S0 I just need 4 more photos to fill the last empty frames on my photo wall but
I just can’t decide on which ones.
I think we might need to take another vacation to fill these last few.
Here’s two of my favorites that have made the photo wall.
The boats are from Monterey California.
The wine barrels are from a Vineyard in Connecticut.


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