>I sent these somewhere for someone special yesterday.

I hope they make it in time.

4 thoughts on “presents!

  1. >They look great — I especially like the black and white polka dot ribbon. Polka dots will always be a favorite of mine.Who are these for, I wonder … ?

  2. >You are the sweetest. Thank you, Kittylou. I *adore* the tea dispenser {I didn’t even know such useful and wonderful things existed}, the perfect tea cards {they would make good invites when hosting a tea party, huh?}, and the mini teapot spoon/teabag rest. I’m all smiley right now, and it’s not even my birthday yet 😉

  3. >Your welcome! I didn’t know that the tea dispenser existed either. I just stumbled on it. I wanted one in a more interesting pattern but all I could find was white. I guess it’s not to popular but I think it’s a great idea. I’m glad you enjoyed the early Birthday tea theme gifts.

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