garden people

I discovered these people buried in the over grown gardens when we bought our house. Unfortunately I never found the girls right leg.

Last summer I gave them a fresh coat of paint. Make a new leg for the girl out of a metal barbecue skewer and found them some pots that fit in their arms.

Over the weekend I ripped out grass and dug a new garden for them to hang out for the summer. Here’s the start of it. Hopefully it will be filled with flowers soon.

2 thoughts on “garden people

  1. >Oh man, these are really cute! You found them at the house? I’m glad you didn’t toss them — that would’ve been sad. Instead, you’ve given them a makeover. Too cool.

  2. >Yep, the back gardens were so over grown and messy. I was cleaning out all the mess and found them half buried in the dirt under bushes. They were way to cute to throw away.

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