wedding card

I hate buying greeting cards. I always spend way to much time at the store reading every card and in the end I just get frustrated and buy something I didn’t really want. So I try and make a card whenever I need one.

I have a wedding for a very good friend this Saturday and I printed out my usually wedding card. I drew the cake last year and I’ve used it for a few weddings. I always change the color of the bride and grooms hair to be accurate and I make the cake their wedding colors. This one was easy since I made the invitations I knew the exact colors to use.

For a wedding I went to last year I even drew the couple’s dog climbing up the cake. She just loved it.

One thought on “wedding card

  1. >This is perfect! Even looks like Kelly & Josh 🙂 I like the dog-climbing-up-the-cake idea, too. You're full of great designs.Excited to see you on Saturday!!

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