kitchen cabinet – before & after

Here’s the lastest project I was talking about. We bought this cabinet pretty cheap but it also looks kinda cheap and it was bright white with a little top that didn’t match anything else. So I painted the bottom, put a new bigger top on it and stained it to match the cabinet on the other wall. Oh and I added new knobs. New knobs always seem to make cabinets looked fancier. Now there is more counter space and it looks so much nicer.

in progress – Bottom is painted and the top is about to be stained

after – Need to find some pretty things for the shelfs still but that will be done after some rearranging.


3 thoughts on “kitchen cabinet – before & after

  1. >It looks really great. So much more sophisticated. And I love that the top is longer, an overhang for D's cigar fridge. More counter space is always a good thing, I think. You're so good at these makeovers.

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