new goal

I took a break again but I’m back with a new goal. I spend a lot of time looking at everyone else’s blogs and searching the internet for inspiration and projects I want to do. While I love read blogs I think I need to starting doing some of these things I read to much about. My new goal is to actually complete some of these things and blog about them along the way.

I moved again and as always moving comes with tons of opportunities for fun new ideas. I now also have an office/sewing/craft room with tons of space for completing this new goal. And tons more living space to fill with ideas. I’ve already starting somethings which I will post about but I also have a huge to do list that is forever growing. Some things on this list include:

Making curtains

Kitchen storage and breakfast bar

Kitchen organization

Lots Photo Books to catch up on

Making a head board

Some kind of coat and shoe storage

Organizing that new office I talked about

Lots of decorating because we have barely even hung anything on the walls yet

Part of this goal is to post something once a week. Hopefully I can keep up with that. Here’s to getting things done and stop wasting so much time doing nothing.


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