that’s a lot of wine

I started this project about a year ago after I finished these tables but it required drinking a lot of wine to finish.

Here’s the supplies.

Another Ikea frame (this time from the AS IS section and cost only $5)

Some wooden legs and corner brackets ( I bought them so long ago I don’t remember what they cost but it wasn’t much)

And lots of corks


First I painted the legs black to match the frame. Then used the corner brackets to attach the legs to the back of the frame.


I cut all the corks in half so I could cover the surface twice as fast.


And here’s the pattern I decided to use.


After adding corks over the last year I finally had enough to fill the top.


Here’s the bottom. It’s not so pretty but no one sees it. You can see how I added nails into the frame to keep the bottom of the frame secure. I put two on each short side and 3 on the longer ones. You can also see the corner brackets. They are just screwed in and then I painted them black but you can’t see them since the frame hangs down and covers them.



And here’s the final table. It’s not made to hold anything very heavy but its perfect for a glass of wine while you watch tv.



Thanks to everyone who helped drink the wine 🙂


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