Merry Christmas

12.25 sockmonkeys Christmas
Merry Christmas from the sock monkeys.



More Decorations

While I was at Micheal’s looking for more ornaments for my ornament wreath I noticed that everything else was on sale so I got this wreath and some christmas decorations. Put it all together real quick and made a wreath for the front door. door wreath

I saw some light up stars on Pinterest and wanted to make my own version. I took some pieces of wood I had left from another project, glued them together with Elmer’s glue and painted them white. Here’s how they looked before the paint. After the paint dried I just wrapped a string of lights around each point.

The stars are now glowing above our stockings. I also made that sign this year. I did it in the computer and printed out all the letters and just taped them to a piece of ribbon. Some day I’ll have a fire place to hang the stockings on instead of a book shelf but it will do for now.

Christmas Tree

We put up out tree last weekend. We try and buy or make an ornament from everywhere we travel. So it’s always fun to unpack the ornaments and remember all the places we have been. This year we added quite a few but we couldn’t seem to find one in Barbados so we took home a few bottle caps and I just made this guy for our tree. It was real easy and I made it with things I already had around the house so it was free. We just had to drink a few beers.

Here’s a new one from the Azores.

Two new ones from over the summer. We took weekend trips to Cape Cod and Newport.

And this one is from St. Kitts. One of the stops on our Anniversary Caribbean cruise.ornament4

This one is old but one of my favorites from Key West.ornament2

And another old one but this lobster from Maine is so cute too. ornament5 ornament8
Merry Christmas!

Ornament Wreath

I’ve always thought the wreaths made out of Christmas ornaments looked so cool so this year I finally made one. I planned to make it after Christmas with discounted ornaments but I went to Michael’s and saw that lots of their decorations were 50% off so it was very reasonably priced. And now I get to enjoy it this year instead of next. The wood wreath form was $1.99.  It was really easy, just needed a lot of hot glue. Here’s a couple of photos of the process.

wreath1 wreath2wreath3wreath4wreath5

I’m thinking about added a bow but I can’t decide. I kinda like the simple look.