cupcake holder and cake topper

My favorite part of my DIY wedding decorations was my cake topper. It was also the part that took the longest. I spend many nights working on it and was so happy that it turned out the way it did. But first I made a cupcake holder to put my cake topper on. I went to my favorite store Ikea and bought 3 different sized plates and one espresso cup and saucer. I used clear spice jars that I painted white as the bottom two risers and the espresso mug as the top riser. I glued them all together with epoxy. 

For the cake topper I did a lot of searching online. I wanted something fun but just couldn’t find anything I loved. I saw a few people had made their own out of clay so I decided to try it. When I was younger I did lots of miniature sculptures make from Sculpey clay so I even had some clay to experiment with. I bought armature wire and a few more colors of Sculpey that I didn’t already have.

First I made the basic shapes out of wire and tin foil.

Then I made the fire helmet first because I thought this would be the hardest part. 

Since the helmet turned out good I continued working.

Making hair was definitely the hardest part and the most time consuming. I think I spent one night making all the pieces of hair. It took forever!

Cooked and almost done. Putting them in the oven was the scariest part!

Last part was making my glasses and gluing them to a base. 

And the back.

Here’s what it all looked like the night of the wedding. 



wedding flowers

I didn’t want to spend lots of money on flowers as I said in the wedding decorations post. Since I was going to be in Manhattan were there are fresh flowers and vendors all over I figured I could find something the morning of my wedding. I have always loved sunflowers so I was very happy when I found these great large yellow sunflowers.

I took ribbon left over from the invites and some floral wire and made myself a quick bouquet in the hotel room.


coasters & party favors

We had our wedding at an Irish pub so I figured we had to have coasters and pint glasses.

I ordered custom stamps with our names, date and the love birds from the invite.  I got lots of coasters from ebay. And they were super cheap if you are looking for coasters. Some of them I used for the invitations but I had plenty left over to make coasters for the wedding. I found water proof ink in blue and brown and tested it out in advance to make sure the ink didn’t run when it got wet.

I used the same logo and ordered pint glasses from here. Everyone used them all night so it felt like we were in our own bar when everyone was walking around holding a glass with our names on it. Then everyone could take them home at the end of the night.

We needed about 50 glasses but I figured I should get a few extra. When I went to order them it was cheaper to order 72 then it was to order 60 so why not get more glasses for less money. Sounded like a good deal to me. I think we ended up with 25 left so we gave a few away and now we use the rest everyday at home. I don’t remember exactly what they cost but I know they were well under $2 a glass including shipping. They came incredibly well packed and the quality is great. Even a year later the ink hasn’t faded.

wedding decorations

Next up is wedding decorations.

I made this banner with our names on it for the fireplace which we got married in front of. I ordered the fabric from Spoonflower. I was very happy with the quality and the price was reasonable too. I cut out the pieces and sewed them to a ribbon. It was quick and easy since I already had all the artwork done from the invitations.

We only had small tables and I didn’t want any center pieces because there really wasn’t room for them.  I don’t really like flowers and I was trying to keep everything affordable so they really weren’t in the budget anyway. Since we love to travel I thought the perfect thing for us was to use all our travel photos somehow. I made these photo triangles with photos from all our trips. You can check out all our travels here. There were about 10 of them and they were all different. These were on some of the tables and along the bar along with blue glass tea lights.  Since I spent so much time going through photos to find the best ones I also turned all them in to a small photo book after the wedding for us to keep. I had a free photo book coupon from Shutterfly so it turned out perfect and was a great recap of all our trips before we go married.

My mom made me a card box that matched my invitations perfectly! She told me she was making it but what it looked like was a surprise until the day before the wedding. And it turned out awesome!

And the Thank You cards I made after we got our photos back. We choose our favorite photo for the front and another smaller one on the inside.

I ordered them from Vistaprint. I got the matte finish notecards and they were nice quality.

Tomorrow will be party favors.

One Year

Since next week is our one year anniversary and I never put anything about all my DIY wedding projects on here I thought it would be a good time to document all the work I did in a very short time (which is why nothing got posted on here while it was happening).

So first is the invitations. I designed them with a love bird theme.
Here’s the outside of the envelopes with a wrap around address label. Inside you can see an envelopment with a ribbon around it.

After you take the ribbon off this is what you would see.

Inside were two coaster one with our logo and one with the map of where the wedding would be.

Also in the envelope was a RVSP card. Since it’s hard to read here’s what your options were.
Can’t wait! or have to miss the fun : (
And on the bottom it asked all the guess for two song requests. We made an ipod play list in advance instead of having a DJ.

And if you flipped it over the little bird said “See you soon!”

Oh and the actual invite.
Incase you can’t read it the top says:

They have been world travelers, dive buddies and wine tasters but most of all they have been friends. Please join them as they become husband and wife. 

And here they all are ready to mail after lots of long nights of printing and cutting and gluing. And lots of help from my mom who loves to cut circles and squares! Thanks Mom!

I’ll be posting about a cupcake tree, cake topper, card box, decorations, bouquet, thank you cards and the wedding album over the next week.

Sewing tutorial

I know I said I would do this awhile ago but I got busy making a birthday present for Danny. I’ll post about that soon. I’m going to attempt to tell you how I made this tote bag but I’ve never done a tutorial before so hopefully it makes sense. It might help to have some sewing experience. And you do need a sewing machine.

Here’s all the pieces and the measurements I used.

  • 2 pieces of fabric stabilizer 12 wide x 11 high
  • 2 pieces of outside fabric (Brown) 12 wide x 11 high
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric (blue) 12 wide x 11 high
  • 2 pieces of fabric stabilizer for pockets 5.5 wide x 7 high
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric for pockets 5.5 wide x 14 high
  • 4 piece of which ever fabric you want for straps 1.5 wide x 36 long

First I made the straps. Put two pieces good sides facing each other. Sew up the long sides and then flip them in inside out so the good sides are out. Then repeat on the other two pieces. Iron them flat.

Here’s the basic layout. I just wanted to see what it looked like before I did anything.

Next I made the lining. Again good side to good side and sew up the two sides and leave a small hole(about 2 inches) in the bottom and leave the top open. Sew along the red lines on the photo.

Next iron the bottom corners so they look like the photo below and sew about 1.5 inches up along the red line.

After you do this to both corners if should look like the photo below. You can trim the extra fabric off both corners leaving about a quarter inch.

If you turn it the right way it should have a bottom like a box now.

Then for the pockets I folded the fabric so both sides of the stabilizer are covered and you have a nice fold along the top. Sorry I forgot a picture. Then I sewed the straps to the sides so they look like below.

Then line the outside fabric up with the stabilizer and then center the pockets and straps on the top of both. Here I sewed the stapes to the pockets and brown fabric. Stopping about an inch from the top.

Then flip them together so the outsides are facing each other. use lots of pins to hold the pockets and straps in place so you don’t get a strap sewn in the sides on accident.

Sew up the sides and bottom. Leaving the top open for now. Then sew across the corners like you did already on the inside and cut of the extra fabric from both corners. So the box looks like a box just like the inside lining did.

Flip it inside out so it looks like below. Now fold the straps down and pin them on the pockets so they don’t get in the way.

Take the lining with the good side in and put the outside of the bag in it. Pin along the top. It should look like this. Everything is inside now. Sew around the top.

Then remember the 2 inch hole you left in the bottom of the lining. Carefully pull everything threw that hole. It will look like below. Now you can stitch up the bottom hole. I just did it quick on the sewing machine. No one will see the bottom anyway. Then push the lining in where it belongs and iron the top seam. Then I did another stitch around the top about quarter inch down to include the handles.

And here’s the final tote bag.

Hope this helps. The final size of my tote is about 8.5 high x 8 wide and 3 deep.