Kitchen Breakfast Bar

I’ve always wanted a bar in my kitchen. I love high bar tables. So now that I have this kitchen that’s bigger then I’ve ever had before I figured it was the perfect time to get a high table. But again I did some research and everything was way out of my budget so while I was at Ikea getting the supplies for my last project I also picked up a few more things. I got another Vika Amon table top, this one was 59 x 29.5 inches and in the same black brown color. I also got two Ekby Hall Brackets. I attached them to Ikea bookshelves that I already owned(I don’t think Ikea sells this style anymore). Here it is from the back, you can see the brackets where the counter overlaps.


On the other side I used L-brackets because I couldn’t find any other brackets that would fit. I’ll probably paint them so they match better.


I left an overlap so the bar stools fit under the bar. If you’re curious the bar stools are from Target. Image

I’m still working on organizing the shelfs. I have started a few projects already and will be posting as I finish them.

Here’s the price breakdown.

  • Vika Amon table top $35.99
  • Ekby Hall Brackets 2 x $4.00 = $8.00
  • Already owned bookshelf $00
  • Barstools 2 x $24.99 = $49.98

Total = $93.97

Most bars I looked at cost hundreds of dollars so this was a great deal and if fits perfect and matches my other counter.