Kitchen Drawers

Remember the breakfast bar that I said I would be organizing. I finished the drawers that I wanted to build for the middle row of shelves.

First I had some help from my mom on making the empty boxes.

Then I had to pick the fabric to cover the boxes.

I wanted to put knobs on them so they would work like regular drawers. I found the centers and drilled holes.

Covered the box in fabric.

And put the knobs on the fronts.

These first two drawer were to hold all my spices. They may not look to organized but it’s a big step from where they used to be stored.

And the third drawer for some random kitchen gadgets that I don’t use much and didn’t have room in my other drawers for.

Here’s how they look in the shelves.

Then I made some fake front panels that will fit on either side on the back to hide the other things I have stored there.

And here’s how the breakfast bar looks now.