Kitchen Counter and Storage

While our new kitchen is much bigger and nicer then the last one it was definitely in need of some more counter space. Or maybe I just have too many kitchen toys. Either way I wanted another counter next to the stove to make cooking a lot easier. I searched endlessly for something I could buy but there was just nothing in my budget out there that would fit the space. And there was the problem of what to do with the wine/cigar fridge. Remember the wine fridge that you saw here. Since we gave that counter away to a friend when we moved last time I figured it was time to make something bigger and better.

So I went to my favorite place, IKEA. Here’s what I got.

  1. Akurum wall cabinet 12 x 30 inch
  2. Akurum wall cabinet 15 x 30 inch
  3. Vika Amon Table Top 47 x 23 inch
  4. Capita Legs 4inch
  5. I also had some L brackets left over from another project.

So I built the cabinets following the instructions. Since these cabinets are suppose to hang on the wall they don’t have pre drilled holes for the legs. So I had to drill all those myself but that wasn’t a big deal. After that I just put 2 L brackets on the backs and one on the sides of each of the cabinets to attach the countertop. As you can see in the photo I had to add the legs to get the counter to be the same height as the stove but you don’t need them. And you can also add doors if you wanted. (I think the simplest white door was $8) but I like the open shelves.

Here’s the price break down.

  • 15 inch Cabinet $22
  • 12 inch Cabinet $21
  • Shelves $4 x 2 = $8
  • Countertop $19.99
  • Set of 4 Legs $10 x 2 =$20

Total – $90.99

Now that’s way cheaper then the ones you can buy pre made which I couldn’t find for much less $200. If you didn’t want it as high as I did you can forget the legs and it would only be $70.99.