cupcake holder and cake topper

My favorite part of my DIY wedding decorations was my cake topper. It was also the part that took the longest. I spend many nights working on it and was so happy that it turned out the way it did. But first I made a cupcake holder to put my cake topper on. I went to my favorite store Ikea and bought 3 different sized plates and one espresso cup and saucer. I used clear spice jars that I painted white as the bottom two risers and the espresso mug as the top riser. I glued them all together with epoxy. 

For the cake topper I did a lot of searching online. I wanted something fun but just couldn’t find anything I loved. I saw a few people had made their own out of clay so I decided to try it. When I was younger I did lots of miniature sculptures make from Sculpey clay so I even had some clay to experiment with. I bought armature wire and a few more colors of Sculpey that I didn’t already have.

First I made the basic shapes out of wire and tin foil.

Then I made the fire helmet first because I thought this would be the hardest part. 

Since the helmet turned out good I continued working.

Making hair was definitely the hardest part and the most time consuming. I think I spent one night making all the pieces of hair. It took forever!

Cooked and almost done. Putting them in the oven was the scariest part!

Last part was making my glasses and gluing them to a base. 

And the back.

Here’s what it all looked like the night of the wedding.