Ornament Wreath

I’ve always thought the wreaths made out of Christmas ornaments looked so cool so this year I finally made one. I planned to make it after Christmas with discounted ornaments but I went to Michael’s and saw that lots of their decorations were 50% off so it was very reasonably priced. And now I get to enjoy it this year instead of next. The wood wreath form was $1.99.  It was really easy, just needed a lot of hot glue. Here’s a couple of photos of the process.

wreath1 wreath2wreath3wreath4wreath5

I’m thinking about added a bow but I can’t decide. I kinda like the simple look.


wedding flowers

I didn’t want to spend lots of money on flowers as I said in the wedding decorations post. Since I was going to be in Manhattan were there are fresh flowers and vendors all over I figured I could find something the morning of my wedding. I have always loved sunflowers so I was very happy when I found these great large yellow sunflowers.

I took ribbon left over from the invites and some floral wire and made myself a quick bouquet in the hotel room.


wedding decorations

Next up is wedding decorations.

I made this banner with our names on it for the fireplace which we got married in front of. I ordered the fabric from Spoonflower. I was very happy with the quality and the price was reasonable too. I cut out the pieces and sewed them to a ribbon. It was quick and easy since I already had all the artwork done from the invitations.

We only had small tables and I didn’t want any center pieces because there really wasn’t room for them.  I don’t really like flowers and I was trying to keep everything affordable so they really weren’t in the budget anyway. Since we love to travel I thought the perfect thing for us was to use all our travel photos somehow. I made these photo triangles with photos from all our trips. You can check out all our travels here. There were about 10 of them and they were all different. These were on some of the tables and along the bar along with blue glass tea lights.  Since I spent so much time going through photos to find the best ones I also turned all them in to a small photo book after the wedding for us to keep. I had a free photo book coupon from Shutterfly so it turned out perfect and was a great recap of all our trips before we go married.

My mom made me a card box that matched my invitations perfectly! She told me she was making it but what it looked like was a surprise until the day before the wedding. And it turned out awesome!

And the Thank You cards I made after we got our photos back. We choose our favorite photo for the front and another smaller one on the inside.

I ordered them from Vistaprint. I got the matte finish notecards and they were nice quality.

Tomorrow will be party favors.

One Year

Since next week is our one year anniversary and I never put anything about all my DIY wedding projects on here I thought it would be a good time to document all the work I did in a very short time (which is why nothing got posted on here while it was happening).

So first is the invitations. I designed them with a love bird theme.
Here’s the outside of the envelopes with a wrap around address label. Inside you can see an envelopment with a ribbon around it.

After you take the ribbon off this is what you would see.

Inside were two coaster one with our logo and one with the map of where the wedding would be.

Also in the envelope was a RVSP card. Since it’s hard to read here’s what your options were.
Can’t wait! or have to miss the fun : (
And on the bottom it asked all the guess for two song requests. We made an ipod play list in advance instead of having a DJ.

And if you flipped it over the little bird said “See you soon!”

Oh and the actual invite.
Incase you can’t read it the top says:

They have been world travelers, dive buddies and wine tasters but most of all they have been friends. Please join them as they become husband and wife. 

And here they all are ready to mail after lots of long nights of printing and cutting and gluing. And lots of help from my mom who loves to cut circles and squares! Thanks Mom!

I’ll be posting about a cupcake tree, cake topper, card box, decorations, bouquet, thank you cards and the wedding album over the next week.

Chalkboard Pantry

We have tons of Ikea furniture. Sadly a lot of it is the birch color and I hate it. We bought most of it back when Ikea only offered a few colors. This project turned one of those birch pieces into a much better color.

Here’s the before.

Here it is with the door off and all the random holes filled and sanded. This cabinet has been around awhile and used in lots of different places so it needed some love.

After it was all sanded I put two coats or primer on it.

If you have ever tried to paint Ikea furniture before you know paint does not stick but I have read that people had success with sanding and priming. I was a bit skeptical but I figured I would give it a try. And it worked really great! It took a long time but the end result is definitely worth it. No peeling or bubbling of paint.

Then 3 coats of chalk board paint.

Next I peeled off all the tape I put on to keep my lines straight and hung the door back. I found a package of 6 black door handles at Ikea for $2.99. What a deal! (now I just need to find something to do with the rest of them, but it was cheaper to buy 6 then 1.

On the other side I hung a lantern that we recently got on a weekend trip to Cape Cod.

The Chalkboard paint was $10 for a quart at Home Depot. I only used about a quarter of the can so now I have to find more things to paint…

And if you were wondering. Yes there is a lobster and a shark hanging out on top.


I put this project up on the Pinterest Challenge hosted by Sherry of Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power. Check out their blogs. They are awesome!

I pinned a few chalkboard projects but this one is my favorite – photo from here.

Sanding and Priming for the 4th of July

Since I had the day off and no plans I thought it would be a prefect day to start a new project. So I spent my holiday sanding and priming. Here’s a hint at what I have planned.

I have always wanted to paint something with Chalk Board paint and I have seen it all over the internet lately.  Since I rent it’s hard to paint a wall in my apartment black. So I finally found something I can use it on. I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s all finished. The box says I have to wait 3 days before I can write on it. That’s going to take a lot of patience.