Hanging Wine Glasses

Here’s the challenge: Turn this $1.99 dish rack into a wine glass holder… And if you haven’t guessed thats another one of my Ikea finds.

I figured I couldn’t even buy enough wood to build what I wanted for 2 bucks so I splurged on this sale dish rack.  When I brought it home Danny thought I was slightly crazy but I had a plan.

Here’s how the wine glasses were currently stored in the Kitchen Breakfast Bar from here.

First I separated the two pieces and then cut the larger side down to the width of my shelf. The height was all ready the perfect size for my shelf. I moved the top piece to the middle next to the middle one to make it a little stronger and added small nails.

Then moved the bottom piece to the top of the other two. This was to raise it high enough for the bottom of the glasses to slide in between the top of the shelf.

I wasn’t quiet strong enough to screw it into the top of the shelf so I got some help with that. Here’s how it turned out.

And with the glasses in place.

A few more things to come for the Breakfast Bar are spice storage, a nicer box to store the food processor and storage for some other random kitchen accessories.