bathroom storage

One of the first projects in our new place was to add some storage in the bathroom. Our old bathroom was bigger then some people bedrooms in Manhattan. I think we may have had more storage in the bathroom then we did in the kitchen. So after moving in to an apartment with a very small bathroom (at least compared to what we had) we needed to add some storage! We found these cute little cabinets at Target. The only problem was they had glass doors which looked nice but was not great for hiding things.

I decided this was going to be my first attempt at frosting glass. I’ve frosted may windows with contact paper and it looks great but I wanted to try the real stuff for once. Bad idea! Glass frosting cream has got to be one of the worst smelling things ever. Like rotten eggs! First I had this great idea to paint fish into the glass. I made awesome templates. Painted on the frosting cream and thought it would look great. I waiting the appropriate amount of time and then washed it all away. There wasn’t really any difference. So I assumed I didn’t wait long enough. I went through the process 2 more times. Then I gave up and just frosted the whole thing. Well this is what it looked like…

Not at all what I was excepting and if you look at a certain angle you could still see the silhouettes of the fish that didn’t work out. I hated them but now I was stuck with this mess. I should have just done the contact paper that had worked great so many times before.

The cabinets are cute right? A little annoying to build but cute.

While I thought about what to do with my not so frosted glass I started my search for a shower curtain that would match this.

Pink, cream, peach, pinky-tan? I don’t know how to describe the color. Let’s just say it’s interesting. It’s only in the shower and behind the sink. The rest of the room is white so it can almost all be covered with a shower curtain.

I did tons of internet shopping. Do you know how expensive fabric shower curtains are? Finally after a few trips to my favorite Homegoods I found this.

Thats the tub peeking out at the bottom there. It almost matches the tan stripe in the shower curtain. The colors are a little off but I was pretty impressed after I hung the new shower curtain. It made the tub appear less PINK and more tan.

So I got a green rug and some brown towels and went with the brown/green theme. And came up with this great idea to hide my bad frosted glass experiement.

I matched the colors in the shower curtain printed out some stripes and put the paper behind the frosted glass. It’s enough of a distraction that it covers the messy frosted glass and brings the brown/green theme together.

It’s no where near the storage we were used to but it seems to be working out well and it even looks nice. I’m still searching for some green and brown accessories for the shelves.