Pinning the Map

We have a very big empty wall that was just calling for some giant wall art. Danny has always wanted a map of the world so we can see all the different places we have been and pick out the next greatest trip. We decided this would be the best place to do that but if you have ever tried to buy maps you know they are pricey. I searched the internet for the cheapest one I could find and planned on gluing it to foam core instead of paying for something that was already framed. There were a few on amazon that were reasonable but the one we liked the most was from Poster Revolution. It’s a little more orange in real life then the website looks but I’m still happy with it.

I glued it to foam core, trimmed the extra and then hung it up with a few little nails that are hidden on the top and bottom.

After it was hanging Danny helped find all the places we have been. We ended up putting 39 pins in it. The furthest are Hawaii, Iceland, Switzerland and Curaçao.

The price breakdown

  • The map including shipping $15.78
  • Foamcore on sale $11.52
  • Map pins $4.99

Total = $32.29

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