One Year

Since next week is our one year anniversary and I never put anything about all my DIY wedding projects on here I thought it would be a good time to document all the work I did in a very short time (which is why nothing got posted on here while it was happening).

So first is the invitations. I designed them with a love bird theme.
Here’s the outside of the envelopes with a wrap around address label. Inside you can see an envelopment with a ribbon around it.

After you take the ribbon off this is what you would see.

Inside were two coaster one with our logo and one with the map of where the wedding would be.

Also in the envelope was a RVSP card. Since it’s hard to read here’s what your options were.
Can’t wait! or have to miss the fun : (
And on the bottom it asked all the guess for two song requests. We made an ipod play list in advance instead of having a DJ.

And if you flipped it over the little bird said “See you soon!”

Oh and the actual invite.
Incase you can’t read it the top says:

They have been world travelers, dive buddies and wine tasters but most of all they have been friends. Please join them as they become husband and wife. 

And here they all are ready to mail after lots of long nights of printing and cutting and gluing. And lots of help from my mom who loves to cut circles and squares! Thanks Mom!

I’ll be posting about a cupcake tree, cake topper, card box, decorations, bouquet, thank you cards and the wedding album over the next week.