Magnetic Curtain Rods

Did you know there was such a thing as magnetic curtain rods? I didn’t until last week.

We have a window in the door and we wanted some privacy but still wanted the light to come in. Here’s how it looks. It’s dark outside so there’s not much light in the photo.

I didn’t want to drill holes in the door but I didn’t know I had any other option. I was looking ¬†online for something else and stumbled on magnetic curtain rods. So I went to Target and picked one up. It was $12 for a basic white one. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy so this was perfect. I also found a sheer panel while I was there for $5 so I grabbed that too. I came home and put a quick hem in the sheer panel. Added a few magnetics in the hem so the curtain wouldn’t fly around when you opened the door. It was quick and easy and cheap. Here’s how it looks now.

Did you see my cute red rain boots in the corner?